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About ElectroBase

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The members of ElectroBase are independent Electrical wholesalers in Southern Africa. We are represented in the principal towns and cities in South Africa and also have members in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. There are currently 42 members with over 90 Branches. This number is increasing.

Our members are seasoned traders, with many years of experience in this industry. Most are the owners of their businesses.

They deal in a wide range of electrical and electronic products and are able to provide technical advice when called for. They have a wide knowledge of the location where they operate and are well-respected members of the local community.
Arrangements have been entered into with most of the major electrical suppliers to this industry, in the interests of all parties including the customer.

Members meet at least twice a year to share ideas and problems, friendships are developed and the opportunities for co-operation are explored.
Co-ordination takes place through a small head office, and the activities of the company are managed through an elected board.

Should you wish to find out more about us, browse through this site,
or contact us on +27 (0)11 023 0314/5
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